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Colorado's Guide to
Peak Wellness

Professional and licensed behavioral & mental health counseling, specializing in helping you along the path to life satisfaction.


The Elevation Mental Health Mission


Providing you with the power of empathetic regard to help you feel understood and respected as I guide you through any issues, concerns, or problems you bring.


Providing you with a culturally-responsive counseling experience and ensuring you a safe place for expression while working to help liberate you from personal, social and economic oppression.


Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) and Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) are scientifically supported and client-focused treatment models shown to improve the likelihood of successful counseling outcomes.




Primary Clinical Focus
Stress, Worry, Anxiety Management & Anxiety Disorders
Obsessions and Compulsions
Clinical Sub Specialties
Depression Relief
LGBTQ+ Affirmative
Acute & Chronic
Illness Support
Communication and Relationships
Behavioral Addiction Treatments
Autism Spectrum Disorder
Grief & Loss
Mental Illness
Diagnosis & Treatment
Behavior Change



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For any general inquiries, or to schedule a consultation/appointment please call 720-459-2833, email, or fill in the following confidential contact form.

Thank you for reaching out. 

An Elevated Approach to Counseling
Exclusively Offering Online Video/Telehealth Services for all of Colorado

Hello, I'm Travis, and welcome to my practice. I'm delighted to call Colorado home, and I am passionate about traveling the world so I can connect with and learn from cultures diverse from my own. I foster a diversity-affirmative approach to therapy that places the emphasis on counseling theory and practice equally on the cultural impression of both the therapist and the client. It is a professional goal of mine to highlight the importance of offering behavioral and mental health interventions that are specific to your unique cultural weave.


I believe that a counselor's technical skills are only as important as their ability to connect with you, otherwise, personal growth in therapy may be limited. Establishing a balanced, supportive, and safe relationship with you is a paramount goal within my counseling framework. It is my mission to provide you with an empathetic and straightforward counseling experience by not only using research-based and proven interventions, such as acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT) and applied behavior analysis (ABA),  but also with my ability to foster a compassionate and nurturing therapeutic alliance.


While earning my Bachelor of Science in psychology from Washington University in Saint Louis, including graduate work at Washington University School of Medicine, my academic focus was on health psychology and  behavioral medicine. I often counsel individuals who are faced with the challenges of living with an acute or chronic illness/infirmity. At University of Missouri—Saint Louis, and with a focus on diversity counseling, I completed my Master of Education in clinical mental health counseling. Then, I continued with post-graduate training in applied behavior analysis (ABA) from the University of Cincinnati. This is where I discovered my passion for helping those living with issues of stress, worry, and anxiety


Located on Colorado's front range and exclusively providing safe and secure, online video/Telehealth counseling services, my practice, Elevation Mental Health Inc., provides empathetic counseling support to those in need while using scientifically-supported cognitive and behavioral interventions. I understand that our wellness problems and the stresses that occur along our life’s journey contain the seeds of opportunity and that this awareness allows us to seize the moment, take control of our life, and transform these situations into something better. In other words, each of us has the power within us to evoke positive change in our life.


Please, contact me today to schedule your complimentary online or telephone initial consultation,

and let me know how I can be of help.



Contact me today to schedule your complimentary online or telephone initial consultation.


Travis Byrne MEd, LPC
Elevation Mental Health Inc.

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